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Kind words

My husband gave me a photo shoot with Annie as a Christmas present (after many heavy hints). I was thrilled. He couldn’t wait to tell me about their initial interaction. They had a phone call that went really well. Annie was very professional, while also very warm, thorough and thoughtful. We then had a two month wait to have our baby. Our baby boy arrived early and we needed to reschedule twice with Annie. She was very understanding and accommodating. I had a few emails with her before our shoot and those were personal and prompt and gave me a great feeling about the whole experience.

Annie came to our house for our “playdate” (as she called it for our three year old daughter). She took her time to bond with her one on one before ever touching her camera. She made such an effort to connect with her and make her feel special that the rest of the shoot went really well. Our daughter responded so well to the special attention that she looked relaxed and comfortable in the photos. Annie seemed very well experienced with the needs of a three year old, as well as the needs of a newborn. She also made mom and dad feel relaxed and calm, too!

Annie brought with her such a warmth and enthusiasm that it lifted the energy of the whole shoot. This was really important for two parents functioning on little to no sleep. She clearly loves her art and her passion is contagious. She displayed the ability of being completely professional and detail-oriented while also being her true self with very unique and diverse interests. She seemed to put every bit of herself into our time with her and sent our finished photos quickly and we loved them all.  She captured a very precious time in our lives with an eye for grace and love.

I can’t wait to work with her again one day!!
~ Sofia F.

“My husband and I feel so blessed to have met Annie and had her document the precious first year of our sons life. From the first shoot that we did at our house she made us feel at ease and comfortable; every shoot afterwards was such a joy. She was able to capture our sons personality as he changed and grew from being an infant to a toddler. I joke that our home is a shrine to our son because I couldn’t decide which pictures I loved most to put in frames so I did them all. You can tell when meeting Annie and seeing her work that she absolutely loves what she does; she is a true artist. She is professional, adaptable, accommodating, understanding, punctual, and all around amazing. We look forward to having her in our lives for many more years to come to document the growth of our family.”
~ Valerie R.

“Our family has hired Anne 4 years in a row for family pictures. It’s a wonderful tradition that we plan to carry on for years to come. Her pictures capture so much emotion and spirit. Her color photographs are vivid and almost dreamy: the deep blue of my child’s eyes, the vibrant purple on her dress. Her b/w’s can range from being crisp and contrasty to white-washed and vintagy. She is truly an artist and brings out the best in her subjects – and she is just as accomplished at advanced image manipulation. Just when I think that she can not possibly outdo herself, every year she grows more talented.”
~ Becket F.

“We can’t recommend Annie highly enough! We have had the pleasure of working with her to capture our family through our first pregnancy (beautiful belly photos), our early baby days, and now our growing toddler each year near her birthday. She has such a beautiful eye for how to candidly catch us being ourselves, while still making us glow and somehow managing to get shots of our ever-in-motion daughter! Our sessions end up being more like fun outings – we never feel rushed, posed or overly guided, but rather we just get to have fun and are amazed at what she sees and shoots. We are looking forward to many more sessions with her, and especially to the end product – gorgeous, personal, natural photos of us that we will treasure forever.”
~ Monique W.

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Anne as a photographer and artist. She has a gift for recognizing and capturing the unique qualities of her subjects, so not only will you get high-quality, gorgeous pictures, you’ll get ones that feature the magic essences that sets you (or your children, or your family, etc) apart.”
~ MaryJane H.

“Anne is a fantastic photographer, and well, so much more than a photographer. She has a wonderfully gentle spirit and open mind. We met through friends and soon booked our first session to get some family shots. She was super accommodating about selecting a great locale, even after we changed our minds a zillion times, and met us on the day of and began shooting away.Throughout the shoot she had all these tips and tricks to get us smiling authentically and not look frozen, which was super helpful. She also had tons of tips and tricks to keep our daughter looking at the camera and showing her expressions — not just smiling – so the pictures looked like our kid having a happy time, not being forced to smile. The end products were so insanely gorgeous; we feel like she captured the preciousness of our kid and the closeness of our family. We’ll be using her again and again and again as our family grows.”
~ Heather H.



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